The Explanation: Why Supernatural Can Be Captured By The Camera

Why supernatural beings can be captured by the camera? Ghosts for us is a figure genie that is not visible to the human eye. ghost or genie it is a figure of creatures that live alongside humans, but its visual manifestation is under the level of infrared light, or in other words is the radiation of electromagnetic wave spectrum is at the lowest level from the infra red. Sense of vision of man according to researchers who are members of the mission Ghost Behind The Bars organized by NatGeo TV says that man can only be viewed on a wave or spectrum from red to purple, under the red color otherwise known as the " infra red" human eye already no longer can see it. Similarly, over the purple known as " ultra- violet ", the human eye is also no longer be able to see it.

Both spectra can only be seen through the help of tools that can only be mendetaksi infra red and ultra violet. Above or below it as the alpha ray beta, gamma and the like humans also can not see it. However, we think the phenomenon of the appearance of a ghost or genie that her visual figure is below the level of infra red. So ghosts can be caught by the lens when its spectrum waveform similar position with infra red.

Explanation : Why would a ghost voice is not heard by us?
Why humans can not hear the sound of conversation Ghosts or Jin , because audio effects generated by the supernatural beings that are in tingakatan ( Very Low Frequency) or VLF frequencies below the human hearing normal in general. Human hearing is very limited , only about 20-22 to 20-22 kilo Hertz Hertz (depending on the age of the man himself ) , under the so-called infra- sonic. Audio effects resulting from energy Ghost or Jin at the level of about 1-2 Hertz infrasonic frequencies are no longer possible to be heard by the human ear.

In contrast to animals, some animals can see the light spectrum and can hear sound frequencies beyond human ability . Therefore many types of animals that can tell an earthquake will happen or even be able to see astral beings . Even from the research that has been done previously by researchers at these low frequency waves can damage the balance system and kesdaran in the human brain ( Ghost Behind The Bars - NatGeo TV - Mystery 360 )

Why Humans Can See Ghosts Being?
According to the researchers figure ghost can be seen when the brain is affected by the effects of extremely low frequency excess ( Very Low Frequency) VLF . When you begin to feel fear, trembling, sweating, that's the result infrasonic waves that attacks the human brain in the system of balance and awareness . Because of VLF waves can penetrate the body , the human body even though solid objects ( Ghost Behind The Bars - NatGeo TV - Mystery 360 ). With its impact on the balance system and consciousness in the human brain, the brain instructs certain cells to other senses, such as the eyes can see things that nobody yet being there seemed to be. Ears that serves as a balance also begin to be affected due to incorrect information from the brain, and then began to feel dizzy and auditory effects occur that are not there, like hearing the sound of women laughing and crying. The statement we are justified, because at the time of hunting do exist some of our members who heard the sound of a woman crying but other members of his stamina better not hear any noise. That's when we have to believe and concentrate on the stillness of the night so as not easily influenced by the low frequency waves.

Why Lens Camera Sometimes Can Capture Visual Ghosts ?
Because the science of photography there is a term called frames per second (FPS) or picture by picture in every second. FPS, which is a unit of the camera lens speed in retrieving objects by drawing a picture or capture objects with the form of an image or photograph. But because very quickly make the changes, then our eyes can not see the turn of the picture by picture or photo per the photo, except with a tool. While the human eye is not the same working principle such as the camera lens. In the human eye sight is constant and continuous, not based on frames per frame. Therefore, many astral object or genie is often called ghost may be recorded sukma them only through photographs. And it's all based on the ability of the lens to "see the edge of the spectrum" in which the human eye is unable to see it !. So we conclude when the ghost was caught by the camera lens, the energy generated by the ghost of the same level as the frequency of infrared radiation.

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