How To Make A Twitter Header With Photoshop

How To Make A Twitter Header With Photoshop. This time I'll show you how to make a simple banners Twitter with using Photoshop. Basically, the Twitter has recommended Twitter banner size to the size of 1500x500 px. Maybe some people wonder why their pictures uploaded losing quality picture and cropped automatically.

I recommend you use a 1500x421 size as the size of the banner Twitter because of this size you will not lose the original quality of the image and is not cut off automatically.

Now I will tell you how to make a banner Twitter with Photoshop :

1. Click "File" > "New" > input 1500WidthX421Height, Pixels > Then click "OK".

2. Press Ctrl + R to provide distance

3.  Paint Bucket Tool > i'll use code #edefec as color background

4. Now, i'll use Disney's characters from my pc

5. you can design any way you want . if you've finished with it , now just turn it into a JPG file by clicking "File " > " Save As " > " Save As Type" > select JPG then " Save"

Now you can use it on your twitter header. I hope this post helpful to you <3

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